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Rainbow Strap Cookies

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225 grams of unsalted room temperature butter
Three eggs, separated
130 grams of sugar
150 grams of almond paste
180 grams of self-raising flour
½ teaspoon salt
Food colouring to suit your preferences, (at least two colours)
100 grams of melted chocolate
One tablespoon of marmalade or jam
TNT Rainbow Sour Straps for decoration 
Line three rectangular cake tin with baking parchment or foil. The tins will need to be approximately 12 centimetres x 10 centimetres. Preheat the oven to 180Âșc. 
Whisk your egg whites until they form soft peaks. Slowly beat in 30 grams of the sugar and form stiff peaks. Allow the egg whites to chill while you prepare the remaining mixture. Use a paddle attachment to beat the remaining sugar and almost
paste until fully incorporated. Add in the butter and beat the mixture until fluffy and light. Add in the egg yolks, salt and flour and mix well. Fold in the chilled egg whites. 
Divide the mixture into separate bowls for each colour in the cookie. Three colours provide a good combo, and you can leave one bowl uncoloured for a white stripe to the cookie. If you want to make more layers, you will need additional cake tins and may need to increase the recipe quantities, but the cookies can be made in a similar way.
Use your food colouring to create the desired colour for each stripe in the cookie. Put each batter into a separate cake tin and bake for approximately eight to ten minutes. Allow all the cakes to cool in their pans. 
Assembling the Cookies: 
Spread a layer of marmalade on the top of one of the cakes. Use the baking parchment or foil to lift another cake out of the tin and invert it over the marmalade covered layer. Cover the top of this layer with the remaining marmalade and invert the remaining cake on top.
Cover the cake with foil and place a rectangular cake tin on top of the cake. Weigh the tin down with cans to allow the layers to compress. The cake should be chilled for a minimum of four hours.
After the cake has compressed, remove the weighted tin and foil, transferring it to a baking sheet lined with waxed paper. Use half the melted chocolate to cover the top of the cake. Freeze the cake for ten to fifteen minutes to allow the chocolate to set.
Flip the cake over onto a layer of waxed paper and glaze the top with the remaining melted chocolate. Press the TNT Rainbow straps into the chocolate before chilling again to let the chocolate set. 
Once the cake has chilled, you can create your cookies. Cut the cake into six 5 centimetre strips. Cut each of these strips into cookies of your preferred thickness. Your cookies can now be stored in an airtight container. 

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